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UMaine Message Board

Many of us tried to flock to the blackbearhockey LJ because it was an opportunity for us to post our thoughts and chat with other fans of the hockey team.  I can say this probably hasn't gotten as much use as I would've thought, but it is what it is.

For years there has been a Maine Hockey Email List that people can subscribe to.  The list has been much more popular over time than this LJ board.  The individual who came up with the list has recently put up a message board for Maine Hockey - or any topic you might want to talk about in the world or in sports.

The forum is located at:

It is open to the public.  Right now it's dominated by one or two people because of the fact that it's just now being opened up to the public.  Please swing by, take a look and register if you'd like to chat and share your thoughts.

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I wish that this place was more active too, it seems that there were only one or two loyal posters here. Sounds good, though, and hopefully some people will start posting more in here (perhaps if the team does better, eh?) =)