bearcat_vamp (bearcat_vamp) wrote in blackbearhockey,

Name: Melissa
Age: 22
Do you go to UMaine? Graduated May of 2007
How/Why did you become a fan of UMaine hockey? My ex was really into it, and I got really into it... I blame him for... but I do love Maine Hockey! Hockey is the Greatest sport on the planet, and I am really glad the season has started again.
What is your best UMaine hockey memory? Probably when Rob Bellamy came out of the penalty box pissed (what's new) and hit a guy from UMass (i think) so hard his helmet flew off.
New Bananas or Old Bananas...which is better? to be quite honest i didn't know the old Bananas...
Anything else you would like to add? LET"S GO BLACK BEARS!!!! and I really miss sitting in the student section. I was at the U18 game saturday... and it was not cool sitting through the game. but i couldn't stand without getting yelled at.


For those of you who didn't see the U18 game, it was good. Defense was a little sloppy and David looked like he was broken, but the offense looked very good. Dimen (#3) was hot. I'm looking forward to watching this team grow. As a side note, does anyone know why Ben wasn't on the bench Saturday?
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