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Some people I will never understand...

Derek Damon is suspended for the 1st round game against Harvard for an undisclosed violation of the student conduct code.

Let me get this right.  He's been to the title game, the pinnacle of his sport, only to lose.  So, in what is his last opportunity to win an NCAA Championship for the college in his own backyard, he thinks the following:

"You know what would be a lot of fun?  Let's go out and do something that will get me suspended for a game.  That way my team, on which I am the 4th leading scorer, will have to try to win the 1st round game without me.  If they lose, I get to live on with the thought that I probably played a large role in helping my team lose, and thus my college career is over!  SWEET!"

If we win, I hope he's benched for the 2nd round game.

Thanks for nothing (this week) Derek!
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